Tacoma Corvette Club - A Message from the President...

President Ed Lynch

April 2017

Greetings TCC Members…

It’s just about time that I get back to my seasonal communication to our membership, seeing that I am once again at the helm of the Tacoma Corvette Club.  We have many new members that were not around when I was serving in my previous term, so I thought I would share some things about myself for those who are new to the club, and also share some things about where the club is headed in 2017.

Sandi and I are both retired educators and have been around corvettes for the last 23 years.  I have been a lifetime musician and am still active in the northwest blues scene. We have just purchased our 2017 coupe and are anxious to see the nice weather roll around so we can have a good chance to enjoy it a little more freely. The car has been out daily when the weather permits, which has not been that often as of yet, but hopefully soon.

Our 2017 car show season is fast approaching and it’ll be time to get all our cars in show shape.  I’m very excited about all of the events that are upcoming.  More on this topic a bit later…

My vision for the club is one of continued growth; in our shows, our community, and our friendships with the local corvette clubs.  We all have the same passion for the car and all of these relationships can be fostered for the enjoyment of everyone.  Life is too short to do otherwise… I would also like to increase our charity support and I have a few plans up my sleeve to do that, so stay tuned.

I’d like to thank our members who worked so hard helping TCC participate in the Swap Meet, and those who went above and beyond to make the TCC 2017 Open House the great event that it was. Without you all pitching in, it doesn’t work… We have many more events coming up in the near future, so strap on the boots, gloves, rags, and whatnot, as there is still much ahead of us!

We have our annual TCC Garage Sale fundraiser coming up in May, our Shadow of the Mountain Show in early July, as well as our Gamblin Show in September.  We will need our usual stupendous effort from membership to continue our successes with these events. This club always steps up to the tasks at hand, so I am very confident that we will have a great season.

Feel free to contact me at anytime, with questions, suggestions, comments, or just to talk. I love that. I’ll leave you with what I think will make this club even better than it is…Much corvette fun lay ahead!

Participate, Participate, Participate!

Proud to be TCC…
Ed Lynch, President