Tacoma Corvette Club - Constitution
(Effective November 8, 2013)

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Section 1: The name of this organization will be Tacoma Corvettes Club, herein referred to as TCC

Section 2: TCC shall be incorporated as a non-profit corporation under the laws of the State of Washington

The purpose of TCC is:
• To develop friendship and pride among Corvette owners
• To provide a medium for the exchange of technical information for Corvette drivers and owners
• To actively promote, sponsor, organize, and supervise sports car competitions, outings, meetings, exhibitions, and other Corvette or sports car activities

Membership in TCC shall consist of the four classifications noted below. Qualification for membership and membership privileges for all classifications shall be specified in the Bylaws.
• Primary Member
• Spouse or Companion Member
• Honorary Member
• Associate Member

Section 1: Government/Executive Board
The government of TCC shall be vested in the Executive Board consisting of four (4) elective officers, two (2) elective at-large representatives, and one of the two (2) elective NCCC representative who are the voting members of the Board. The chairpersons of the established standing committees and the immediate past president provide status and recommendations to the Board. The Executive Board shall be responsible for the general administrative functions of TCC.

Section 2: Elective Officers
There shall be four (4) elective officers of TCC. They shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Their duties shall be specified in the Bylaws.

Section 3: Elective At-large Representatives
There shall be two (2) at-large representatives whose duties shall be specified in the Bylaws.

Section 4: Elective NCCC Representatives (Primary and Alternate)
There shall be two (2) NCCC representatives whose duties shall be specified in the Bylaws.

Section 5: Established Standing Committees
Those committees required for the executive operation of TCC shall be specified in the Bylaws. The duties of the committees shall be specified in the Bylaws.

Section 6: In the event of a vacancy in the office of the president, the vice-president shall become the president and serve for the remainder of the year. The Executive board shall establish procedures for a special election to elect a new vice president for the remainder of the year.

Amendments to the Constitution must be submitted in writing to the Executive Board, be discussed at one monthly business meeting, be published in the following month’s newsletter, and at the next business meeting must be approved by a two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of the members present.