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Dues Renewals for 2019 begins September 1st and ends November 15th.
Dues renewed AFTER November 15th will carry a $10.00 NCCC Late Fee.

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Tacoma Corvette Club Members... If you would like a picture of you and your corvette on this Membership page, please email a digital photo (jpeg format) to Mary Nye Meyers, TCC Web Master at  fire_n_ice104@hotmail.com or bring your favorite photo to the next membership meeting and I will scan it into a digital format for you.

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Ammerman, Bruce & Patty
Beaulieu, Dennis & Gwen

Benson, Doug &
Hanley, Rita Mae
Berger, Dave & Donna
Brands, Alan & Dorothy
Brockway, Art and Linda
Campsmith, Michael &
Wisotzky, Myra
Carr, Harry & Barb
Cavenee, Gerry & Pam
Covey, Edgar & Janet
Culley, Richard & Barbara
DeCamp, Larry & Barbara
Denning, Jerald
Donnelly, Sean & Melissa

Durbin, Lily
Fitzpatrick, Brian & Patty
Fleming, Doug & Sue
Forsman, Leslie
Game, Bill & Carolyn
Gleeson, Mike, Vicki & Elena
Good, Wayne & Judy
Harbin, Mike & Karen
Harris, Bud & Dixie
Hawley Sr., Michael & Sandy
Hendrickson, Kathy &
Gifford, Carl
Huso, Jerry & Joyce
Jablonski, John & Rhonda
Kalinski, David & Kathleen
Kiesel, Larry & Diana
Krattli, Dick
Kuczynski, Jack & Jennifer

LaRue, Bill & Gayle
Lynch, Ed & Sandra
Marsh, Stan & Karen

Mejer, Mike & Kim

Meyers, Michael & Mary Nye
Parsons, Greg & Renee
Perri, Ron & Betty
Pompeo, Steve & Maureen
Price, Wes & Becky

Purves, Brian & Betty
Radford, Dallas
Ray, Gary & Wendy
Ritter, Bobbie & Dean
Rucker, Chris
Salo, Jim & Anne

Skulstad, Paul
Slead, Carol
Smith, Don
Snodgrass, Charley & Karen
Sorensen, Keith & Tara
Truax, Ed & Muriel
Tucker, Len & Elvira
Tumia, Dan
Vaccaro, Michael
Weber, Kurt
Williams, Candy & Lloyd
Yoder, Jerry

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